Her interest for photography was aroused by chance; interest turned into passion, and passion into a profession ...


Born in Starnberg as a child of a renowned artistic family, Ava's love for art already began in the cradle. Her parents had passed it on to her; her mother was an excellent illustrator, and her father, an engineer for Water Science and a respectable art collector, derived from a renowned art family known for their church art and masonry.


Ava started  her career with a classic, and yet to analog photography related photography apprenticeship in Hamburg with the great photography masters & couple Brigitte Dorrinck and Rolf Hartenfels, and a concurrent assistant position with Jacques Toffi, one of the greatest horse photographers worldwide. There upon she completed master school and finished her degree in Illustration and Design.


After her extensive education and with a long leaning for equitation, Ava focused on horse photograph as a freelancer. This niche eventually got her started in the industry, and throughout the time she managed to book lucrative fashion jobs, that included big campaigns and advertisements for international fashion brands like Delmod, Kim Kara and more.


Following her years in Fashion, and after retiring from equitation, Ava put her camera aside for a longer period of time to work as free-lance illustrator & art-director. During this time she refined her illustration skills, which later on helped her land the position of the editorial director for one of the world's largest Nude Art magazines, and later on that of the creative director for a US fashion print magazine. Missing photography as her first love, Ava then turned her focus back on expressing her creativity behind the lens, and took the camera back in her hand. During this time, many well-known actors turned to Ava to shoot sensitive, and pure portraits filled with soul. The year 2017 marked the full return to her career as a professional fashion photographer next to her work as art director for several magazines. Ava says that she had missed  photography like the air to breathe. And while she still accepts jobs as art director and illustrator, Ava will always be a freelance photographer by heart.


Today, her focus in photography lies in fashion and sensual and erotic nude photography,  as well as striking portraits of artists and actors. The stories that her images tell is what distinguishes her work; and showing the face behind the face, a rare skill. Simple and PUR! Ava's photo stretches including nude and fashion editorials are published in various international magazines with large distribution. Her images are shown at international art galleries and exhibitions, and the demand for her art is steadily rising.


Ava says: "It's the soul that I want to see, in the eyes, in the stories that are told through images. Arousing emotions and promoting them. Even fashion should have soul, and arouse passion. For me, good nude photography requires strong sensuality; it's much more important than nudity itself. The mood has to fit; it has to be sensitive. There's a quote by Coco Chanel that means a lot to me: Female nudity you have to give the men with the teaspoon, not with the big dipper." For me, an image is only truly erotic if the spectator's imagination is stimulated and running. Revealing everything is boring indeed. However, thanks to today's media, this is still standard, even though erotic happens in the head for the most part. "


When asked for her preferred field, Ava responds: "Right now, I would like to increase my  photography of men in fashion, portraits and nude. A good image of a man must appeal to everyone regardless of the viewer's gender or sexual inclination. And once again, imagination is the key. Of course, I will still enjoy photographing women, but the massive hype over beauty and anorexic looks made me discover my passion for men photography."


With a great eye for details, Ava works highly professional, and always with a lot of humor and discipline - even during the most complex or unusual action. Her motivating slogan is "anything is possible". Thanks to a great sensitivity towards her models, an extremely good sense for faces and a lot of empathy, Ava quickly adjusts and knows how to inspire and motivate the whole team. Actually, her networking and team-building are a big advantage especially for bigger productions.


When asked how she see herself at her job as a photographer, she responds:

"For me, photography is not just a job, it's my passion. Only team work helps to arise out of the  ordinary. No one should ever take themselves so seriously; after all,  everyone is a part of the whole, which for me is the principle to create divine and extraordinary images. The most fun I have by seeing the growth of a great outcome with only simple input. Of course, it's great to  be at the most beautiful locations, shoot the fanciest model and have the most professional team behind you; but the feeling that you have pulled the almost impossible into something great, is the most rewarding part of this job. "


The editor of chief of an international magazine once wrote about Ava: "Ava's works is characterized by the fact that it shows their 'self 'and not just their visual look. In fact, stating that she manages to transfer 'soul and emotion' and manifest a very fine, wonderful sensuality. Ava's special intuition for the use of natural light and her own visual language through the interplay with focus, perspective and backlight makes her images rarely intensive."


At present, the photographer resides in Berlin together with her Weimaraner dog and loyal companion; however, she is currently establishing a second base in Munich. "Growing up near the alps, I love nature, " Ava explains her expansion, "and I only really feel home when I can smell the mountain air again. My favorite city, after all, is still New York; but I also have a connection with Paris. In an ideal world, I would live on the country side, and also spend a lot of time in New York.  I would love to live in Ticino, Italy, right at the Coma Sea. The Italian mentality and their lifestyle is so admiring to me. But I haven't had the chance to travel the world yet, so maybe I will find my dream location to settle soon. My mobility back then was limited due to my horses and equitation; and now photography provides the opportunity for me to travel and experience new cultures. I had no idea what I was missing. I truly discovered a new passion as my profession allows me to work and travel to other countries and cities