Ava was born in Starnberg, Munich into an artist family. After getting some work experience in Hamburg, Berlin, San Francisco and New York she decided to settle back in Germany where she is currently based. Ava is available for requests worldwide.


Her work as a photographer is published in different international magazines like L`Officiel, ELLE, Vogue, Male Model Scene, Client Magazine, LUI, Stern, Schön Magazine and many more. Ava`s clients are based all over the world and consist of fashion brands, beauty-company, as well as actors and other artists.


Her passion for photography started with her love for horse. When Ava started out with photography, then still in analog photography, she specialised in images of horses. After her first big campaign job for Rolex, Ava started adding fashion and portraits to her portfolio. Today her work is focused on fashion, beauty and portrait photography exclusively.


Ava received a degree in graphic design and then spend a few years working as the creative director of an internationally printed fashion & lifestyle magazine in San Francisco. After returning to Berlin, she took the art director position at a agency for high-end beauty-products. After doing this for several years, combining being an Creative Director, mother of twins and freelancing as a photographer,

she decided in the end of 2017  fully focus her work on Photography.

Photography is and always has been her biggest passion.

Now in her mid thirties, Ava feels like it is the perfect moment to focus on her career as photographer.